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Frequently Asked Questions on Thieves Garden - Maidenhead self catering apartment

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Answered Questions:

What are the car parking arrangements?

There is unlimited on-street parking in front of the property (the only time it gets remotely busy in on Sunday mornings when people are visiting the local church). Alternatively, there is a cul-de-sac just a few meters away if you'd like to park somewhere more secluded.

There is space for parking on the drive but as there is only once entrance, this is only practical if you don't need regular access (i.e. there is space for several cars but the gateway means that the last car in blocks all of the others and we need to get our car in and out regularly and so we'd be blocking you in for a lot of the time).

How many people can the apartment sleep?

There is one double bed in the apartment as well as a double sofa bed and so there is space for 4 people.

The apartment is split over two levels. On the ground floor, there is one large room that's divided in two by a low partition - on one side is a sleeping area (with a double bed) and on the other is the living area (with sofa bed & TV). The partition is easy to move and so the room can be rearranged as you see fit. Upstairs, there is a kitchen, a bathroom and a dining room/study.

Are visitors allowed?

Absolutely. When you rent the apartment, we want you to consider it your own space.

How far is it to Maidenhead train station?

The station is fairly close - it takes about 12 minutes to walk there. Below is a map of one route to take.

What are your cancellation charges?

As we only have the one apartment to let, we would ask our prospective tenants to confirm their dates before booking as once the booking has been taken, we can't accept any further reservations for those dates.

I have taken the following from our terms and conditions:

How far away are you from The Fat Duck restaurant (Bray)?

According to Google, the drive is 2.6 miles and should take 9 minutes.

Alternatively, there is a cycle route which avoids main roads for most of the route which shouldn't take any more than 15 minutes.