Prices for short term lets

Please note that all prices are inclusive of:

The weekly rental charge is dependent on the length of your stay; if you book longer, the weekly rate is lower.

The table below summarises the rents and the pre-payment terms.

Our Rates

Duration of Stay
Notice Period
1 wk
Pay 1 week in advance
2-4 wks
Pay 1 week in advance
5+ wks
Pay 2 weeks in advance

Weeks are assumed to run from weekend to weekend (i.e. Friday-to-Friday, Saturday-to-Saturday or Sunday-to-Sunday). Partial weeks are generally charged as a full week (depending on surrounding bookings).

We ask for a deposit to be paid to confirm your booking which is then deducted from your final week's rent. The first set of rent is due when you move in (either 1 or 2 weeks worth, depending on your length of stay) and then 1 extra week's rent is due each subsequent week until your final payment 1 or 2 weeks prior to departure.

There is no extra charge for paying your deposit via Paypal or Nochex but for further rent payments, an extra 3.4% (for UK payments) or 3.9% (for payments from abroad) will be charged.

Please note that we can not forward on any subset of a payment you make to us back to you or any 3rd party as that mechanism is often used for theft, fraud or money laundering. This does not apply to any refund of a deposit that we might agree on.