Terms & Conditions

  1. Submitting a reservation query from this site does not commit you to following through with the booking; similarly, the owners of Thieves Garden reserve the right to refuse any booking.
  2. After contacting us through the Reservations page, we will contact you to answer any questions, confirm cost, initial payment etc. If you then respond that you want to follow through with the booking then you are bound by these terms & conditions.
  3. We will not forward any part of any payment made to us to any third party or back to yourself unless as part of refunding your initial payment. This is a mechanism commonly used for theft, fraud or money laundering.
  4. The 'Prices' page of this site lists the weekly rates and the number of weeks notice you need to provide in order to cut short your stay without suffering any penalties (applicable once you've started your stay).
  5. As part of confirming the booking, we will request that an initial payment be paid - this would typically represent the cost of the rental for the duration of the notice period but may vary from case to case at our discretion
  6. In the event that you need to cancel your booking before the start of your intended stay, we will make reasonable efforts to find a new tenant. If we are successful then we will refund the initial payment. We will deduct any expenses we incurred as part of receiving your payment or refunding it (notably, the commission charged by Paypal).
  7. Once your stay has commenced, you will be expected to pay each week's rent in advance.
  8. If you decide to cut short your stay but do not give us enough notice (as indicated on the Prices page) then we will make reasonable efforts to find a new tenant but if none is not found then you must pay up to the end of your notice period.
  9. There is no extra charge for making your initial payment via Paypal or Nochex but for further rent payments, an extra 3.4% (for UK payments) or 3.9% (for payments from abroad) will be charged.
  10. Checkout is at 10:00 am unless agreed in advance.